So you are interested in "Powering Up" your child's chess? Well, you have come to the right place!

Let us give you an introduction of what the TNT Chess Camp is, and then we'll get to the more important things like pizza lunch on Friday, tournaments, prizes, hours of operation, fun - and learning a love of chess! TNT Chess Camp was started as one of the premiere chess camps in Utah! What makes our camps so great is the focus of the instructors on making chess concepts understandable and accessible on all levels with a concentration on games and activities to make this learning enjoyable and fun.

The Troff and Treiman families run the TNT chess camps and thus the reason for the "T and T". Many of the scholastic chess participants and their parents may not be as familiar with us this chess-playing season. Our children have primarily focused on the United States Chess Federation adult tournaments and they have taken first place in several of these events within the past several years. Among their list of accomplishments: all five are current and/or former state champions who have repeated multiple times, three have been scholastic Grand Prix (series of 5 tournament) champions, one is a 2013 USCF All American, four are (or have been) nationally ranked including one who is number one.

Jeremy (21 years old) Is home from his mission and is excited to teach at the camp once again. He has been an Overall High School and Overall Jr. High State Champion and has taught chess for many years.

Scott (19 years old) just achieved the rank of National Master with a rating over 2200. He placed 4th in the nation for the 11th grade in the National Grade Championship. He was the 2012 Utah State Overall High School Champion and Overall Blitz Champion and former Jr. High Champion.

Zac (18 years old) was the 2012 10th Grade High School 1st Place Champion and 2011 2nd Place Overall Jr. High Blitz Champion and a former Elementary State and Blitz Champion.

Lauren (16 years old) is the 2014 State Girl's K-12 Champion as well as the 2014 10th Grade High School Co-Champion and has been a Girl's State Grade and Section Champion for many years.

Kayden (16 years old) just received his Grand Master title making him one of the youngest GMs ever in America. He is currently number one in the Nation for his age and a member of the United States All American Team. He won the Gold Medal at the World Youth Championship in Slovenia making him the 2012 World U14 Champion. He is a multiple state champion both in scholastic and state USCF championships.

Our TNT Chess Camps are designed to teach your children the secrets of our success! One of the hardest things to do for a young child is to sit and listen to lectures about how to improve their chess. We have broken the mold on this type of teaching and have brought the fun and understanding back into chess. These very talented kids are our primary instuctors for the camps (the parents provide adult supervision for your students at all times).

In case you were wondering about their ability to teach, all 5 have taught private chess lessons, including some of the strongest scholastic chess players, on a weekly basis. This summer will mark their 6th year running and teaching the TNT Chess Camp. The proof of their teaching ability is in the success of the camp which continues to grow year after year. In fact, several sections of the camp are often filled to capacity. With that said, we do limit the number of kids at the camp so that each child has plenty of personal attention. We will be glad to provide references from parents and participants at your request.

We find that kids listen to kids and they learn from those who have recently "been there and done that". It's somehow easier for the kids to believe that "chess accomplishment" is right around the corner because they can network and learn from those who can explain the path that they have recently taken. And the truth is that this is exactly true! Behind all of the lessons and the camps is a curriculum with fun artwork, images, songs and videos that the parents have put together to reinforce the concepts being taught. This curriculum is the same ideas and concepts that have brought success to our children and there is approximately 400 hours put into the production of this curriculum.


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2012 State High School Champions

2012 State High School Champions
Congratulations to Scott who were the 2012 State High School Overall Champion and Zac who is now the 10th Grade High School Champion. Way to go boys!!

TNT Summer Camp

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Feedback from Previous Camp

“My son has attended other locally and nationally – based chess camps but the TNT Chess Camp was definitely his favorite. In the TNT “advanced” class, the level of instruction was high, the instructors were young/enthusiastic/energetic, and the pace and variety of instructional and recreational activities held my son’s attention. Even though my son has been an avid student of chess for several years, he learned MANY new concepts. The key though, was that my son had a BLAST and that, in itself, made the camp worthwhile!” --a chess parent from RHSM
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